Are you involved in the production of RDF fuels? Do you want to design a waste processing installation? Do you need modern machinery?


The machine is intended for tearing and emptying waste bags.

Input material:
Bags with 40% organic fraction, bags size: 30-60 liters. Bulk density: 100 – 300 kg / m3.

24 months or 2000 working hours (excluding consumable parts).

Accompanying Documentation:
The machine is delivered with a manual in Polish, which is also the Operation and Maintenance Documentation (DTR). The manual includes certificates and declarations of conformity. The instruction can be translated into English or German languages.

Mode of action:
Bags with waste are delivered to the loading chamber. Then the chain conveyor transports the material to the working chamber – where it is torn apart by knives (which are on a drum) and hinged counter knives. The task of the movable counter knives is to prevent blockage of the machine in case of getting larger material into the working chamber. The amount of deviation does not exceed 45 ° (increasing the transition gap in the working chamber three times).

Automatic work of the bags opener in 2 cycles repeated alternately:
Working cycle – normal machine operation (approx. 10 min) – the material is fed into the working chamber and broken.
Cleaning cycle – the drum moves in the opposite direction for about 1 minute without giving the material, allowing the machine to clean itself.

What PLUS is about?
Bags opener has undergone modernization including as follows:

  • Increasing downforce of counter knives
  • Adjustment of the scarper to the new type of chain
  • Smooth rotation control
  • Stroke adjustment
  • New drum operation bags opener depending on the drive load
  • New drum self cleaning program
  • Additional motor overload protection
  • The programming optiion ensures a wide adaptation of the automation work

Service care
In addition, we dedicate to you an efficient service that will provide:

  • Assembly and training by qualified personnel
  • Individual tuning of your machine
  • Professional service hotline
  • Fast response time technical support
  • Efficient delivery of spare parts


Length: 5291 mm
Width: 2620 mm
Height: 2942 mm
The size of the charging chamber: 3500 x 1540 mm
Weight: approx. 10 000 kg
Installed power: 23,1 kW (2 x 11 + 1,1 kW)
Protection class: IP 55
Diameter of the bursting drum: 811 mm
Bursting drum length: 1500 mm
Number of knives: 20 szt.
Number of counter knives: 10 szt.
Machine capacity: 20 t/h (depends on material density)
Bulk density: 100-400 kg/m3
Chain conveyor speed: 0,02 – 0,06 m/s
Operating mode: automatic / manual

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